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Yoshi's New Island is a platformer for the Nintendo 3DS. An installment in the Yoshi series, it is the sequel to Yoshi's Island DS. [1] [2] Developed by Arzest and published by Nintendo, it was released March 14, 2014 in North America and Europe, March 15 in Australia, and will be released during summer 2014 in Japan. [3] [4]



The game has received mixed reviews. Joystiq gave it an 80, saying it's "solid [and] reliable." [5] IGN gave it a 79, calling it "the best iteration of Yoshi since the SNES original." [6] Game Informer gave it a 70. [7] Destructoid gave it the same score, calling it "by the books" but noting that "fans of the genre will still dig it." [8] Nintendo World Report stated that "the levels are bland, the bosses are blander, and the difficulty is too low and too static."

Nintendo Life gave it a 50, saying that "it feels stripped of the style, substance, and ingenuity that once made the series such treasured property." GameSpot says the game has "no... identity." [9] Edge Magazine and Eurogamer both gave it with a 40, with the latter saying that the "its design [lacks] almost everything that made [Yoshi's Island] great." [10]




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