Note: this is for people that have accounts & own a 3DS.

This is a survey on how far you have walked with your 3DS. This will not hurt you if you want to partake in this little survey.

How it works

If you do join, you will be asked how far you haved walked & if you walked for a certan distance beyond a certain point, I will also ask when & what day you walked past a certain point.

I will also tally up everyone that has entered this into one big # & see how far everyone has walked all in one.

You would have to put how far you have walked somewhere visible on your user page where I can see it. This will be a monthly thing & I will check once every 2 days before a new month.

If you want me to calculate your # of steps from feet to kilometers or miles, I will do so. You can leave any questions down below in the comment section.

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