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On July 29th 2010, Nintendo officially announced that they would, on September 29th 2010, have an official press conference about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS.

Release Date

It is confirmed by Nintendo that the Japanese region will get an exact release date for the hardware, as for other regions, it is unconfirmed but possible that a release date will be announced. Many rumors point to November 20th 2010 as being a possible U.S. release date including one by a Game Stop employee.

Pricing Details

Nintendo has confirmed that the pricing details will be revealed for the Japan Region. Like the release date, it is unknown as to whether or not Nintendo will announce the U.S. and other regions pricing information. Also the pricing details for software will more than likely be announced. Current rumors point to between $200-$250 for the hardware and between $35-$50 for software.


Nintendo has actually rented out the same convention center that the Tokyo Game Show occurs in, this means that they are not simply having a press release about the release date and price, but rather an entire show, like E3 or GDC. Of course, it will be all related to the Nintendo 3DS. So basically this means that it is very possible that they will elaborate more on current hardware information and/or reveal new hardware specs or inclusions. This could include anything from CPU sizes, to an inclusion of a web-cam, etc. Also, anything announced under this category will more than likely be the same as the U.S. and European regions.


Like hardware, Nintendo will more than likely reveal new games for the system, as well as show-off and possibly reveal trailers for already existing games like Mario Kart 3DS, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Ocarina of Time. Once again, any trailers shown or new games, will likely be the same as they would be in U.S. and European regions. Also the release dates for games may or may not be revealed, for instance, games could be released alongside the system, or many months later. The pricing for games should also be announced.


So yeah, basically September 29th 2010 will be a pretty big deal to most people, especially in Japan, where a release date is guaranteed. But once again, it is very possible for Nintendo to announce a release date for the U.S. Europe, and other regions as well. Make sure to keep up with the Nintendo 3DS Wiki for updates as we come closer to September 29th 2010. Stay tuned! P.S. If you are planninng on reserving a Nintendo 3DS from retailers such as Game Stop, reserving will likely begin on the same day the release date is announced, this means that it is highly possible that reserving will commence on September 29th 2010, just a heads up!

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