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The Sega Corporation, usually stylized as SEGA, is a video game company that develops games for the Nintendo 3DS. Its mascot is Sonic the Hedgehog.



SEGA used to create video game systems in the 80s and 90s, its biggest rival was Nintendo. The first SEGA system, the SEGA Master System, rivaled the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Though it was more powerful [1], the NES still caught most of the market in North America and Japan due to effective marketing strategies.

With the launch of the SEGA Mega Drive (SEGA Genesis in North America), SEGA changed their slogan to "Genesis Does What Nintendon't." However, with the launch of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), SEGA changed their slogan to "Welcome to the next level", and rebranded themselves with a new game and a new mascot - known as Sonic the Hedgehog, who was marketed as "cooler" than Nintendo's mascot, Mario. [2] The SEGA Genesis rose in sales for a limited time following this, and a moderately successful add-on, SEGA CD, was added.

Sales began to plummet, and SEGA released the SEGA 32X in an attempt to make the Genesis more advanced, but hype about the upcoming SEGA Saturn and Sony PlayStation, as well as lack of software, made it unsuccessful. [3] In 1995, the SEGA Saturn was released, which competed with the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64. Sadly, poor sales and a lack of capitalization of Sonic on the new console left to the Saturn being abandoned. In 1998, SEGA's last console, the SEGA Dreamcast, was released, competitively priced, with technology that allowed for more impressive games than its competitors. As well, the system included a modem that allowed for multi-player online games. The system has a failed launch in Japan due to hype of the up and coming PlayStation 2.

The Western launch a year later was accompanied by a large amount of both first-party and third-party software and an aggressive marketing campaign. It was extremely successful and earned the distinction of "most successful hardware launch in history," selling 500,000 consoles in its first week in North America. [4] The company changed its name from SEGA Enterprises, Ltd to SEGA Corporation. [5] The Dreamcast did well in the US until the PS2 came onto the market. The Dreamcast has had several critically acclaimed and innovation games, such as the first cel-shaded games.

Despite great reviews, the games were ignored in favor of newer consoles from SEGA's competitors. Faced with debt, and the more popular PlayStation 2 (Sony), GameCube (Nintendo), and Xbox (Microsoft), SEGA discontinued the Dreamcast in 2001. They announced that they would shift from hardware and software, and later became a third-party software developer. [6] As the years passed, SEGA developed many successful games, notably those in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Recently, SEGA now develops games for the 3DS as well as other console and handheld games on the market.



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