Samurai Warriors Chronicles cover

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles is a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS, and is part of the Samurai Warriors series.



Samurai Warriors has received moderate success.

The best score has come from Gaming Age, who gave it an 83, because "Even if you're not a big Dynasty Warriors fan, there's a whole lot to enjoy here, and while the combat can grow a bit stale, the way the touch screen stuff is implemented really speeds up the battles compared to the home console titles." [1]

Official Nintendo Magazine gave it a 66, and stated "The slowest of slow-burners, yet it offers a huge challenge that deserves better and more varied combat and AI." [2] Game Informer, giving it a 50, simply saying "Chronicles' biggest problem is its repetitive combat." [3]

The most critical review came from Metro GameCentral who, giving it a "30", had this to say: "Probably the least surprising game on the 3DS, but even if you do like Dynasty Warriors games this is still one of the lesser spin-offs." [4]



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