Nintendo Zone is an application for the Nintendo 3DS. Mainly using SpotPass to function, it is used for viewing exclusive 3D videos, upcoming previews, video game trivias, and more exclusive content.


When one brings their 3DS to one of the over 29,000 locations to receive an automatic and free connection Wi-Fi, such as Simon Malls, McDonald's, Starbucks, AT&T Mobile Stores, or Best Buy, they receive a message to download the application. With the December update, the app is automatically downloaded on the system without having to go to one of the hotspots. [1]

Once connected, the user can watch content normally on the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Video, such as game previews and 3D videos, in addition to other options such as playing trivia challenges, finding retailer promotions and coupons, and more.

When at a Nintendo Zone location with your 3DS, your 3DS information is sent to the wireless hotspot via StreetPass. When other users pass with their 3DS, you information that was stored can be sent to their 3DS. You can get up to the previous six users' information sent to your 3DS, and they don't even have to be there. When you get the tags via StreetPass, it works like any other normal tag. It counts towards StreetPass Mii Plaza and all your other games associated with the StreetPass functionality.




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