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Nintendo 3DS Camera is app for the Nintendo 3DS that takes pictures and records video using the system's cameras, located on the front and back of the system. Two cameras on the back on the system, which can take 3D photos and video. One camera is located on the front, which takes regular 2D photography and video. The cameras have a resolution of 640×480 pixels.


The app includes many features for modifying the photos taken. The Normal option takes photos regularly. Sparkle adds moving stars to the photo. Merge takes a photo of you from the inner camera and puts your face in a photo from the outer camera. Dream adds a dream-like quality to the photo. Pinhole lightens the center of the screen and darkens the edges. Mystery adds a random finish to your photo. The Low-Light option is useful when taking photos in dark places. Graffiti allows one to draw on the photo or add graphics.

Players can also set the camera up to take a photo after a certain period of them. Timers can be set to take a photo 3 seconds after pressing the 'Take' button, 10 seconds, or by means of voice activation by saying "OK!" once the user wishes for the photo be taken.

In the system update that took place on December 6th, 3D video recording was added to the application. This allows users to record video for up to ten minutes. Stop-motion animated videos can also be filmed by taking snapshots of objects at intervals before merging each frame into a full motion video. [1] Time lapse and rapid fire shots will also be optionable. [2] Pictures and videos taken using the application can also be sent to friends via Swapnote messaging.

Usage Tips

# Title
001 Welcome!
002 Reviewing usage tips
003 Taking a break
004 Quitting the software
005 Write-protected SD Cards
006 Photo cameos
007 Shoot from 12 inches
008 Inner and outer cameras
009 The red level
010 Adjust 3D focus
011 3D focus
012 Ideas: People
013 Pro: Backgrounds
014 Sparkle
015 Opening the Photo menu
016 Graffiti: 3D Tools
017 The little birdie that can
018 Tricks: Quick switching
019 3D depth
020 Ideas: Outdoors
021 3D photos: Near and far
022 Mystery
023 Trivia: The word "camera"
024 View more/fewer photos
025 Pro: Natural photos
026 Interface Color
027 3D photos: Jumble
028 Merge
029 Manual Controls
030 Manual Controls & Merge
031 Tricks: The photo buttons
032 Attention Sound
033 Pro: Different viewpoints
034 Dream
035 Film
036 Pro: Camera shake
037 Thumbnail border colors
038 Trivia: Dark rooms
039 Removing the SD Card
040 Pro: Keep snapping!
041 Viewing slide shows
042 Slide show: Themes
043 Save Location
044 JPG and MPO files
045 Ideas: Animals
046 3D photos: Framing
047 Viewing 3D photos
048 The 3D icon
049 Timer
050 Pro: Avoid camera shake
051 Low Light
052 3D autofocus
053 Slide shows
054 Trivia: Portable cameras
055 Ideas: Flowers
056 Pro: Backlight
057 3D photos: Transparency
058 Brightness + Dream
059 Contrast
060 Ideas: Sky
061 3D photos: Haze
062 Displaying the level
063 Try using the level
064 About the Merge effect
065 Trivia: The first photos
066 Ideas: Food
067 About the Sparkle effect
068 Grouping photos
069 Keep practicing!
070 Pro: Balance
071 Sharpness
072 3D photos: Vertical lines
073 Sepia + Sparkle
074 Pinhole
075 Brightness
076 Pro: Viewpoint
077 B/W + Merge
078 Ideas: After the rain
079 Contrast + Pinhole
080 Pro: Angles
081 Trivia: A strange dream
082 Ideas: Favorites
083 Video save location
084 Switching cameras
085 3D shots: Videos
086 Special shooting modes
087 Stop Motion
088 Interval
089 Montage
090 Watching videos
091 Something different
092 Ideas: Dancing dolls
093 Tricks: Afterimages
094 Ideas: Clouds
095 Pro: Blown-out highlights
096 Ideas: Transformation
097 Editing videos
098 Ideas: Plant growth
099 Slide-show media types
100 Stop Motion + B/W
101 Ideas: People watching
102 Tricks: Frame by frame
103 Saving frames
104 Tricks: Frame by frame
105 Ideas: Construction
106 Visible area of photos
107 Nintendo DSi software
108 Ideas: Teleportation
109 AVI files
110 "The Noble Parakeet"


3DS Camera Walkthrough from Nintendo 3DS TV 3D Video Recording Footage from Nintendo Direct Conference
Walkthrough_of_the_3D_Camera_in_the_Nintendo_3DS First_Look_at_3D_Video_Recording_from_Nintendo_Direct_-_October_21st