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Mega Man Legends 3 was a game for the Nintendo 3DS and was to be an installment in the Mega Man Legends series, and the sequel to Mega Man Legends 2.

A demo version (Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version) was to be one of the first pieces of downloadable content when the Nintendo eShop launched on June 7, but it had since been delayed. [1] The success of the demo version would have influenced if the final game was released or not. [2]

The game was rumored to be canceled due to apparent lack of popularity in the United States, and the fact that producer Keiji Inafune had left Capcom, however since, the game had restarted production.

On July 18, 2011, it was announced that the game had ceased production and was cancelled, with no current plans to restart the game in the future. [3] This has lead to an outburst of anger from the Nintendo 3DS community.

Inafune has shared his thought on the cancellation: "The decision for the cancellation was out of my sphere, but as someone who took part in the development, I’d like to convey something to the staff: I’m sorry that I couldn’t be of assistance. I’m truly sorry I couldn’t take part until the end. I didn’t buy a 3DS for this project, but at the very least I’d like to have played the demo." [4]

CyberConnect2, a division of Capcom, has said that they would like to work on the game. [5] There are also numerous sites dedicated to bringing back the game.

Inafune also said that he tried to work on and complete Mega Man Legends 3, despite his leaving the company, but Capcom wouldn't let him. [6] He still wants to make the game. [7]



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