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Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (known as Mario & Luigi RPG 4: Dream Adventure in Japan and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. in Europe) is a role-playing game for Nintendo 3DS and the fourth installment in the Mario & Luigi series. Developed by AlphaDream and published by Nintendo, the game was released July 12, 2013 in Europe, July 13 in Australia, July 18 in Japan, and August 11 in North America. [1] [2] [3] [4]


Mario & Luigi RPG 4 screenshot 17

The group being welcomed to Pi'illo Island.

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and the Toads are invited to Pi'illo Island and travel there for sightseeing. While touring the island, Luigi takes a nap on a special pillow which opens a portal to a place called the Dream World. Princess Peach is pulled into the world by the Bat King, Antasma, and it is up to Mario & Luigi to dive into it to rescue her and defeat Antasma.

Mario & Luigi RPG 4 screenshot 19

Mario & Luigi jumping in the Dream World.

The game shifts between Luigi's dream world, where Mario and Luigi move in a side-scrolling 2D fashion, and the regular world, where they can freely move around in 3D. While in the dream world, Mario will partner up with Luigi's dream form to fight enemies. [5] Luiginary Works, special abilities which can be used in the dream world, allow Dreamy Luigi to possess a nearby object and control it to solve puzzles; during this possession, Dreamy Luigi is controlled by moving Starlow around the real Luigi's face on the touch screen.

3DS MarioLuigi3DS 022013 Scrn06

Mario fighting some enemies.

During battle, there are five categories of attacks: Jump, Hammer, Item, Luiginary Attacks (used in the dream world) and Bros. Attacks (used in the real world). Luiginary Attacks and Bros. Attacks are powerful team techniques, the former involving a group of Luiginoids transforming into a given object (such as a ball or hammer) and Mario using them to attack their opponents, and the latter involving Mario and Luigi working in unison and performing tasks such as kicking red shells at enemies. [6] Defeating enemies gives the player coins, like in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Boss fights contain "giant battles", during which the 3DS is held on its side and Luigi increases in size to fight the boss.



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