The HOME Menu is where you select which game or application you want to use. This is activated by pressing the HOME button between the Start and Select buttons.

Technical Information & Notable Features


The menu holds 60 spaces to hold games and apps (excluding Game Notes, Friend List, Notifications and Internet Browser), but this increases to 120 once the default 60 is almost full. It is customizable by placement/downloading of apps and grid size. The grid size can be changed with the 2 icons between screen brightness and Game Notes. When there are 60 spaces, the ways you can have the menu set up are 1x60, 2x30, 3x20, 4x15, 5x12 and 6x10. If you have 120, they are 1x120, 2x60, 3x40, 4x30, 5x24 and 6x20.

Suspending software

Most apps/games can be suspended by pressing the earlier mentioned Home button. By doing this, you can go to Game Notes, Friend List, Notifications or Internet Browser and come back to the suspended game uninterupted. If you go to anything other than those, you must close the suspended game. Note that you can't suspend DS or DSi games.


This is a list of starting, free download, system update and upcoming apps on the Home Menu.

Nintendo eShop Service

Games (namely, Nintendo 3DS Download Software, 3D Classics, Virtual Console, and DSiWare, as shown below) can be downloaded through the eShop.

  • Nintendo 3DS Download Software
  • 3D Classics
  • Virtual Console
  • DSiWare


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