Ben 10 Galactic Racing box art

Ben 10: Galactic Racing is a video game for the Nintendo 3DS featuring characters from the Ben 10 series on Cartoon Network. Players take control of characters from the TV show and race against each other using karts. Characters from the Ben 10 series also appeared in Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion. It is also on the Nintendo DS.


The game has fast-paced racing action set in the Ben 10 universe and based on the hit Cartoon Network show. Players race in over 30 different karts in 25 grand prix tracks spread across 5 environmental planets from the Ben 10 universe. There are 15 characters for players to race as. An "Ultimate" power move unleashes a super charged, race changing boost of speed and power themed to each character's abilities. Drifting and mid-air stunts are also able to be pulled off, and charge up character-specific attacks and defenses. [1]


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