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The Activity Log is an application for the Nintendo 3DS. It tracks the progress a player does with the system, such as game play activity and physical activity [1], for the player to view later on.


When one first opens the app, two options are available on the touch screen: Daily Records and Software Library. Daily Records allows you too view your amount of play time - i.e., how long you played your 3DS that day. It also allows you to view play times of previous days. Likewise, you could also see how many steps you took with your 3DS in sleep mode in that day and previous days as well.

The Software Library option allows you to see what software you played on your system, from Nintendo DS games, titles downloaded from the Nintendo eShop, and more. You can see how long you have played a title so far, how many times you played it, your average play time, the first time you played it, and the most recent time you played it. One can also see the ranking of the games, which lists, from most to least, the total play time, play frequency, average time played, date first played, and date last played of all titles.